Moe Mohn Poppy Gin Spruce Tip

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The family of Mohn gins
Mohn Poppy Gin has now younger siblings. Mohn gins are true craft gins, which are based on high quality Sangaste rye spirit and Muhu island wild juniper berries. We are honored to introduce newest members of the family:

Mohn Poppy Gin Spruce Tip
The newest addition to the family, which was inspired by the Northern nature by adding young spruce tips to the classic Mohn Poppy Gin. Young spruce tips are soft, edible and have a pleasant sour taste due to their content of ascorbic acid. Spruce tips have to picked within a short time frame in the spring because already a few weeks old they became wooden and inedible. Spruce tips give this spirit slight tartness and herby character. Mohn Poppy Gin Spruce Tip is a great component to various original cocktails. It will be exciting to pair its bold and intense character with different aromatic flavored tonics.