Hlebny Kupazh Organic Wheat Brandy

12,90  25,80 /L

Samogon Hlebny’s Kupazh is handmade from Estonian mild winter wheat.

Using slow distillation and the traditional production method of the second half of the 18th century, an organic samogon has been created that retains the characteristic taste and aroma of winter wheat.

The spirits of the 18th century secretly smuggled this spirits for their own use and smuggled them, and their preparation required impeccable knowledge and skills from the master. Samagon was burned only once and even the slightest mistake ruined the drink.

Hlebny Kupazh is mixed with pure natural water from the Pandivere water protection area. This is a great unity – organic handmade samogan Hlebny Kupazh Organic.

Serve in a vodka or aroma glass.

The drink made in Estonia and Estonian fruit goes well with local food.

Country of origin: Estonia

Manufacturer: Moe OÜ-Moe Distillery

40% Vol. 50cl