J.J. Kurberg Cannabis Vodka

17,00  34,00 /L

The production of pure vodka in Estonia and Livonia has always developed hand in hand with the production of vodkas brewed on plants and berries for centuries. Of course, the latter were done less, for home-dressing, for offering guests, or for repelling cold and humid weather. The pharmacist Jakob Kurberg, who also founded the Moe fine distillery in 1886, was the perfect possessor of this art. The masters of Moe Fine Wine Factory have selected some recipes for artisanal flavored wine, which are made in small batches.

Vodka made from hemp (Latin for Cannabis Sativa) and made in a small batch of handcrafted. Genuine ingredients, a lot of personal attention and care come with the first glow. Organic hemp has been grown on Tammejuure farm in Western Estonia. Cannabis is collected by hand after Midsummer’s Day.

Serving: 40 ml at serving temperature + 5C

40% Vol. 50cl