Silver Swan Vodka 1688


If you choose Silver Swan vodka, you can be sure that we did not make another tasteless vodka. This vodka takes you back to 17th and 18th century classic vodkas.

Without knowing the classics, it is impossible to understand the nature of modern vodkas. Clear, complex and extremely clean. The first impression of unsurpassed mildness is an experience that makes all other vodkas obsolete. Silwer Swan vodka is not filtered.

Traditionally, vodka was not filtered in Estonia and was made only from the best winter fruit – only the taste of the best rye lives on in the taste of vodka after a long journey through mash, fermentation process and slow distillation.

Truth is a certain type of fruit. Silver Swan uses winter grain from the manor’s former lands, it has the strength of character. The land is cultivated simply, sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way. Valuable fruit is harvested only at the best time, sorted very carefully and dried with the utmost care. This is how the past and the present meet.

40% Vol. 70cl