Moe Mahe 1886

16,80  24,00 /L

Today we value genuine traditions, things and tastes. It does not matter how long it has taken the rest of the world to get to where the Estonian alcohol burning traditions have been since the beginning of time.

Some of the reasons why Moe Mahe 1886 is the world’s top selection of vodkas:

  • Moe Mahe’s 1886 spirits have been burned from winter fruit in a way that has developed in Estonia since 1526.
  • Moe manor is located in Lääne Virumaa, in the center of the Estonian national water protection area, and the natural karst water there gives the vodka a special taste nuance.
  • Moe Mahe 1886 is made using Estonian organic rye and 100% renewable energy.


40% Vol. 70cl/100cl