Moe 1886

15,80  22,57 /L

Traditions are cultural expressions that are passed down from generation to generation in a changing time, which are thought of and preserved. But forgetting traditions is a breeze.

The living traditions of Moe manor began when:

  • In 1500, Moe manor (Muddis) was first mentioned
  • In 1526, winemaking was first mentioned in Estonia
  • In 1688, the vodka kitchen was first mentioned in Moe manor
  • In 1886, the construction of a modern distillery began in Moe manor
  • 2011 was the first bottling year of “Moe 1886”

This is our story – the story of Estonian vodka * that we want to introduce to you.
* Estonian vodka – protected geographical indication.

Unknown to the classics of Estonian manor vodka, the evaluation of modern vodkas remains only superficial, because Moe 1886 is:

  • Fashion 1886 Old World vintage vodka.
  • Fashion vodka represents an artisanal approach to vodka burning
  • Made in the 19th century using a method that has reached its finesse
  • Unfiltered soft vodka, reflecting the taste and aroma of the elements
  • The only Estonian source vodka whose spirits are burned from winter fruit from a certain region


40% Vol.